[x86-power-control]: press the power button for a long time that can't force turn off system power

Chris Chen (TPI) Chris.Chen3 at flex.com
Fri Jul 23 20:28:39 AEST 2021

Hi all,

I am working on an ast2600 with Intel CPU.
The system power currently is able to turn on during Phosphor OpenBMC boot up after I completed works following:

  1.  enable ACPI in u-boot
  2.  set GPIOP0 ~ P3 pass-through in u-boot
  3.  porting ESPI driver from AST SDK v6.01 to linux-aspeed repository
  4.  add "&gpio0" with gpio-line-names which has POWER_BUTTON, POWER_OUT, SIO_S3, SIO_S5, etc. defintion in the dts, I think the "x86-power-control" repository required these.
  5.  append "x86-power-control" and "intel-ipmi-oem" repositories to image

However, I always only got the following logs when I pressed the power button for a long time (> 4s).
power-control[263]: PowerControl: power button pressed
power-control[263]: powerStateOn: power button pressed event received
power-control[263]: Host0: Moving to "Graceful Transition to Off" state
power-control[263]: Graceful power-off timer started

It doesn't occur "SIO_ONCONTROL value changed: 1 -> SIO power good de-assert event received", etc. operations and then to turn off the power.

Can anyone do me a favor to give me some clues for what I was wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Chris Chen

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