OpenBMC Uboot: Missing Driver for Ethernet Switch KSZ9893R

Sushil Dubey sushilkdubey at
Fri Jul 23 18:09:22 AEST 2021

Hello All,

I am working on an AST2600 based OpenBMC project where we are
using Ethernet Switch KSZ9893R.

Microchip KSZ9893R is a 3-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches with

I investigated OpenBMC/Uboot for KSZ9893R support but could not find it GitHub
- openbmc/u-boot: OpenBMC "Das U-Boot" Source Tree

After further investigation, I found this driver is already upstream at
mainline Uboot :

Can anyone please take a look and get this driver in the OpenBMC tree?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Sushil Dubey
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