Serial over LAN by phosphor-net-ipmid issue

George Hung (洪忠敬) George.Hung at
Mon Jul 12 16:40:21 AEST 2021

Hi Cheng, 

I tried to use SOL for the latest phosphor-net-ipmid, but it can't work.

I found the commit for SOL commands:

It removed "setConfParams" function and also disabled to register setting SOL configuration parameters command. (i.e., ipmitool -I lanplus -H x -U x -P x raw 0x0c 0x21 can't be used)

Instead of that, it changed to use the dbus interface to update SOL parameters, but I don't know which process/service to generate the related dbus path/properties for SOL parameters.

Do I miss something to enable or config ?


Best Regards 
George Hung

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