Using smbios-mdr: expected file format

Garrett, Mike (HPE Server Firmware) mike.garrett at
Fri Jul 9 00:31:44 AEST 2021

We have a method to transfer SMBIOS tables to the BMC (a legacy HPE-specific method implemented in our UEFI firmware), and on the BMC side, we can create a file at /var/lib/smbios/smbios2.  We have also integrated smbios-mdr into the build.  I'd like to match up our file format with what is expected by the smbios-mdr code to unlock all the goodness onto dbus.

Is there any documentation on the expected format of the file?  I gather there's a header (struct MDRSMBIOSHeader) But what structure is imposed over the rest of the data.  I'm hoping its something as simple as a concatenated set of SMBIOS records as defined in the spec (header(type, length, handle), type-specific-data, double-nulls).


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