U-boot version selection

Zev Weiss zweiss at equinix.com
Thu Jul 1 12:42:07 AEST 2021


I recently found myself needing to make some tweaks to u-boot to
accommodate a new board I'm targeting with a larger flash part, but in
going to do so I remembered that I'm currently using u-boot v2016.7,
whereas new development is strongly encouraged to use v2019.04 [1].

As far as I know that happened entirely by default (i.e. I didn't go out
of my way to use the older version), so I hunted around a bit for how to
override that to use the newer one, but wasn't able to find anything
obvious.  What's the recommended way to go about switching that for my
board?  And do we want to consider changing the default to the newer


[1] https://lore.kernel.org/openbmc/CACPK8XfcTXsdSviy1WGdXgkrHYQR924bpst7zeeK0bxT5MOTAw@mail.gmail.com/

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