[PATCH u-boot v2019.04-aspeed-openbmc] pinctrl: ast2400: add support for TXD3/RXD3 pins

Zev Weiss zev at bewilderbeest.net
Tue Dec 14 12:33:00 AEDT 2021

On Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 05:22:52PM PST, Ryan Chen wrote:
>	You may need claim for function group for link, not for pin link.
>	Ex.
>	static struct aspeed_sig_desc uart3_link[] = {
>		{ 0x80, BIT(22), 0},
>		{ 0x80, BIT(23), 0},
>	}
>	ast2400_groups[] = {
>	{ "UART3", 2, uart3_link },

Hi Ryan,

That possibility occurred to me, but the existing function/group names 
in arch/arm/dts/ast2400.dtsi (lines 1130-1133 and 1375-1378) made me 
think they should be separate.  I'm certainly not an expert on pinctrl 
stuff though...is there some other existing logic or mechanism to link a 
"UART3" to the separate "TXD3" and "RXD3" in the device tree?


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