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Patrick Williams patrick at
Thu Dec 9 03:56:19 AEDT 2021

On Tue, Dec 07, 2021 at 03:50:47PM +0000, Hawrylewicz Czarnowski, Przemyslaw wrote:

Hello Przemyslaw,

Thank you for wanting to work at getting this code mainlined.  I know there has
been quite a bit of interest from various people outside Intel.

> I would like to request for new Virtual Media service repository (based on the design document located here:

I know you've got a pending commit to update some pieces of this design.  Since
none of the code has been submitted since the design was originally written, do
we need anyone to re-read it and see if anything has changed in the rest of the
codebase that needs design updates?

> The service itself is a reworked Virtual Media which early stage is available here:

What did you have in mind for maintainer structure on this?  I'd ideally like to
see someone outside of Intel be a co-maintainer with you since:

  - This code was initially written as experimental Intel-only repository
    without any community feedback and
  - The current code hasn't been touched in 2 years and best practices have
    likely changed.
  - You're not currently a maintainer on any other repositories.

> And additional question: is there anything to do in order to enable CI for this repo?

Once the repository is set up, Andrew G can enable CI on it fairly quickly.

Patrick Williams
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