Implement Ethernet Interface Properties

Spencer Ku (古世瑜) Spencer.Ku at
Thu Dec 2 20:22:28 AEDT 2021

> On Wed, Dec 01, 2021 at 09:58:41AM +0000, Spencer Ku (古世瑜) wrote:
> > For phosphor-network part, we propose to use existing tool like ipert to get
> the Ethernet BW/Drop package rate. Or the other method is that read TX/RX
> from ethernet driver (/sys/class/net/{Ethernet_Name}), then calculate the
> BW/Drop package rate. After that, we will need to register the D-Bus interface
> and sync the property info to that D-Bus.
> Is this something that systemd-networkd might be interested in exposing?
> We should ask this question upstream there to see if they would be interested
> in the contribution.

That will be good if systemd-networkd can expose those information. I will try to contact them asking about this question.

> I'd prefer using the sysfs interface direction rather than wrapping a tool in
> `system()` calls.
> Did you mean 'iperf'?  How do you get the drop rate from that?  Don't you
> need another system to act as the other side of iperf?

It should be "iperf" here. Yes, iperf need a client to act, so it may not be suitable in this implementation.
I will focus on the method of sysfs interface direction. Sorry for the confusion and typo.

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> Patrick Williams

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