With webui-vue Firmware version on Overview vs Hardware status BMC manager not always matching.

Derick Montague Derick.Montague at ibm.com
Thu Oct 29 07:52:23 AEDT 2020

> Derick, I am not seeing a real difference between Romulus and Phoenix here.
> Screen shots again.

> Romulus Redfish FirmwareInventory
> https://bmc-bruce.github.io/Romulus_Redfish_FirmwareInventory.png 

> Phoenix Redfish FirmwareInventory
> https://bmc-bruce.github.io/Phoenix_Redfish_FirmwareInventory.png 

Can you look at each of those item's inventory? We are making at request and getting
the version from there. Here is the code in GitHub. We are grabbing the path in the @odata.id
and making a request to get the FW data.


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