adding sync method in phosphor-time-manager

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Wed Oct 7 12:34:46 AEDT 2020

On Tue, Oct 06, 2020 at 05:38:13PM +0000, Velumani T-ERS,HCLTech wrote:
> Classification:
> Hi Team,
> We wanted to add another time sync method in phosphor-time-manager to get the time from the host and set it to BMC. To have this option configurable I propose a dbus property in the time interface(given below). Please provide your feedback/comments.
> enumerations:
>     - name: Method
>       description: >
>         Possible methods of time synchronization.
>       values:
>         - name: NTP
>           description: >
>             Sync by using the Network Time Protocol.
>         - name: Manual
>           description: >
>             Sync time manually.
>          - name: HostSync
>           description: >
>             Sync the time from host.

Hopefully Vishwa can weigh in here.

It is my understanding that the default implementation allows the host
to synchronize the time down already.  There use to be an interface that
determined the "TimeOwner" to specify if the BMC or the Host were in
charge of the time.  That was removed not too long ago.

I think you should look through the history on this commit (it
references a discussion related to the mailing list) and check with the
people in that chain as to why it was removed before we add back in
something very similar.

Patrick Williams
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