BMCWeb migrating to meson build system

manoj kiran manojkiran.eda at
Sun Oct 4 21:32:26 AEDT 2020

Hi All,

Over this weekend, bmcweb has been migrated to meson and cmake support has been completely removed from the repository. Most likely the recipe transition will also happen in the next couple of days.
The new process of compiling bmcweb is documented at :

I tried to make sure that we don't lose any of the existing settings/configuration/features during this porting process. All the bmcweb options have been mapped with a respective meson option. Developers of bmcweb might notice that CI now takes almost 20min to verify a commit unlike cmake which used to take about 8min. The core reason for this difference is that CI infrastructure for meson triggers multiple builds that facilitate static analysis, address sanitization, code coverage apart from a normal build & test.
I would also like to thank Ed(edtanous!) for his support & guidance during this process.
For the next couple of days , I would watch out for bmcweb failures on repo-ci's as well as meta-ci's to ensure there are no glitches during the porting process. Please reach out to me(manojkiraneda!) if you have any questions or issues.

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