Adding usb-ctrl from intel-bmc into phosphor-misc

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Thu May 28 22:48:24 AEST 2020

On Wed, 2020-05-27 at 11:07 +0800, 郁雷 wrote:
> There is a script [usb-ctrl][1] hosted in intel-bmc.
> It supports the VirtualMedia feature by insert/eject files to the host
> as a USB mass-storage device.
> Comparing to the existing [state_hook][2] in jsnbd, it supports
> multiple UDCs, so it supports mount multiple files.
> In addition, I have some updates on the usb-ctrl script to make it
> support the USB ECM device, which creates a USB ethernet device
> between BMC and the host.
> So my proposal is to add the `usb-ctrl` script into the phosphor-misc
> repo so that it gets reviewed and could be used by upstream.
> Any ideas?
> [1]: 
> [2]: 

I'm the current maintainer of phosphor-misc and I am looking for help
with that.  I would be fine with adding this script to that repository. 
It would be nice, but not required, to hear from the Intel team that
they would pull from the new location if we do this...

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