Adding usb-ctrl from intel-bmc into phosphor-misc

Thu May 28 20:16:47 AEST 2020


RNDIS is a Microsoft standard, it is not only supported in Windows OS but also in other OS platforms.
So, this is an option we can provide as well.

I will check your patch to see how to merge rndis script.

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On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 5:02 PM CS20 KWLiu <KWLIU at> wrote:
> Hi,
> For in-band usb network communication, I recommend that you can use rndis.
> There is a usb network recipe locates in quanta's layer, you can take it as reference.
> c_openbmc_tree_master_meta-2Dquanta_meta-2Dcommon_network&d=DwIBaQ&c=u
> e8mO8zgC4VZ4q_aNVKt8G9MC01UFDmisvMR1k-EoDM&r=7g2D1XDc1ET3CnY1ySnaWQXPx
> PxfpLww1MiDbLW4v8Q&m=B-UYt0PbqENhhFwPReR07OF8di1nauIg7z0r3u2ZpqM&s=xxw
> O5BMx8cMwRXtNZ-ZGTPgCDrgIy5eXfhEMorF-FNY&e=
> c_openbmc_blob_master_meta-2Dquanta_meta-2Dgsj_recipes-2Dkernel_linux_
> linux-2Dnuvoton_gsj.cfg-23L40&d=DwIBaQ&c=ue8mO8zgC4VZ4q_aNVKt8G9MC01UF
> DmisvMR1k-EoDM&r=7g2D1XDc1ET3CnY1ySnaWQXPxPxfpLww1MiDbLW4v8Q&m=B-UYt0P
> bqENhhFwPReR07OF8di1nauIg7z0r3u2ZpqM&s=iOvDtZiIJKoEIQBa6UaKNhWbUQJhDH-
> tuSlnDnDP0dg&e=

Yup, it looks like both rndis and ecm work.
Could you kindly elaborate why you recommend rndis?

Btw, I see there are two different scripts in meta-quanta layer, one uses rndis and the other uses ecm:

Would you mind if you could merge the scripts into
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