Pre-seeding properties into images

Christian Svensson christian at
Mon May 25 22:27:36 AEST 2020


I've been contemplating the case of an immutable OpenBMC flash, one where
the whole image is stored on a, from OpenBMCs perspective at least,
read-only flash. One could think of doing this from either a security or
reliability perspective.
One thing that I would like to do for these cases is to inject things like
the hostname of the BMC, as well as the TLS certificates to be used.
A wanted property is that the build signature of OpenBMC shouldn't need to
be refreshed, and adding these extra files should be relatively easy.

Simple example to communicate what I'm thinking:
Something like (cat openbmc.img; server-aa01.tar) > openbmc-aa01.img. This
would then be flashed onto the server using normal means.
OpenBMC would then use this tar archive as an overlay of /.
The tar archive could optionally be signed as well, to prevent somebody
from overwriting /bin/bash or something like that.

Has something like this been discussed before? Thoughts on the general idea?
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