Security workgroup meeting times

Michael Richardson mcr at
Fri May 15 01:58:32 AEST 2020

Joseph Reynolds <jrey at> wrote:
    > On 5/13/20 1:43 PM, Bruce Mitchell wrote:
    >> If you want to include Silicon Valley it seem like 22:00, 23:00,
    >> 00:00, 01:00, and 02:00 UTC/GMT are the only real options.

    > I think the current time (10:00am PDT) works for most Silicon Valley
    > folks.   I am looking for a second meeting time good for others not in
    > the Americas.   For example, we've has security collaborations from
    > folks in Switzerland Poland Russia India China and Australia, and I
    > want to find a time that work for those regions.

Perhaps the right thing is to therefore run a doodle poll which is exclusive
for those not in North America.  Then afterwards, the rest of us can opine/whine.

On days when it works, 10am PDT (1pm EDT for me) is indeed great, but last
few weeks, I'm booked into higher priority things.

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