An IPMI Request Visualization Tool

Sui Chen suichen6 at
Thu May 14 08:38:47 AEST 2020

Hello, OpenBMC Mailing List,

We're working on a GUI tool that allows the user to capture and visualize
BMC IPMI requests.

The tool accepts 2 kinds of inputs:
 1) Load a DBus traffic dump file generated by dbus-monitor on the BMC
 2) Capture IPMI requests on the BMC -- the tool connects to the BMC
console by launching a program of the the user's choice (example: ssh or
telnet), then starts "dbus-monitor" on the BMC and checks its outputs for DBus
calls on the IPMI daemon and then draws the IPMI requests on the canvas

In both ways, this tool operates on data that originate on the BMC (so it's
different from host-side IPMI capture tools.)

The tool makes minimal use of electron.js and should be able to run on
multiple operating systems. We hope this tool might be useful for those who
work on OpenBMC.

What I'm not sure is: do I need to have this accessible on a repo managed
by my Company first so OpenBMC can review it, or can I request to create a
repo for this tool under openbmc-tools now --- provided that OpenBMC is
okay with adding this tool?

A screenshot is attached to illustrate what it does:
[image: scrnshot_compressed.png]

Thanks a lot!

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