Security workgroup meeting times

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Thu May 14 04:43:27 AEST 2020

If you want to include Silicon Valley it seem like 22:00, 23:00, 00:00, 01:00, and 02:00 UTC/GMT are the only real options.

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> Subject: Security workgroup meeting times
> Re-sending this email to refresh this topic.
> Looking for a specific time and ideally someone to run the meeting.
> See the replies in the archive here:
> - Joseph
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> Subject: 	Security workgroup meeting times
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> Team,
> Let's try again to establish another OpenBMC Security Workgroup
> meeting
> time.  The current meeting time (every other week 10am Pacific Daylight
> Time) is working for some, but not for others. To be clear, we would use
> the same workgroup, just have alternate meeting times.
> First, let's find a time that works for Australia, Asia, and Europe.
> I've seen participation and continued interest from folks in those time
> zones. Because the current meeting time is bad for them, let's establish
> alternate times.
> Second, I am thinking we could establish alternating meeting times. We
> will not find a time that works for everyone.  I try to accommodate
> folks who cannot attend by writing a summary of the topics and
> conclusions, and by pushing the work back out into this email list.  But
> that is not the same as attending a meeting.  I feel that the meetings
> foster better responses and more participation than using the email list
> alone.  For that reason, I want to continue to meet.  Hence, I am
> proposing alternating meeting times.
> Third, I have been running the meetings.  I plan to continue to handle
> the Security workgroup meeting agenda, and can help set up the initial
> workgroup meetings at alternate times, I would not plan to run them.  I
> hope you will solve all the security problems while I am sleeping.
> Fortunately, running meetings is easy: just go through the agenda,
> introduce each item, wait for people to talk, and summarize the
> outcome.  We need a volunteer leader for that.
> Send me your ideas,
> - Joseph
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