sysfs entries not created for temperature in adm1278

Milton Miller II miltonm at
Thu May 7 10:06:22 AEST 2020

On May 6, 2020 around 6:02PM in some timezone, Manikandan E  wrote:

> Hi, 
>  The adm1278 hwmon sysfs entries not created for temperature. 
>  root at yosemitev2:~# ls -l /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon4/
>curr1_highest         curr_samples          in1_max_alarm
>in2_label             in_samples            power1_label
>curr1_input           device/               in1_min
>in2_max               name                  power1_max
>curr1_label           in1_highest           in1_min_alarm
>in2_max_alarm         of_node/              power1_reset_history
>curr1_max             in1_input             in1_reset_history
>in2_min               power1_alarm          power_samples
>curr1_max_alarm       in1_label             in2_highest
>in2_min_alarm         power1_input          subsystem/
>curr1_reset_history   in1_max               in2_input
>in2_reset_history     power1_input_highest  uevent

A quick look at the upstream driver says that it reads the 
power management config register at 0xd4 and enables what 
is there, but (1) it doesn't account that the register is 
16 bits on 1278 and (2) although the register is rw according 
to the datasheet the driver doesn't appear to have proviisons 
to configure it.

I'd suggest (1) unbindig the driver, writing the register,
and then try binding the driver again (or warm reboot) to see 
if this works around the issue, and 

(2) raise the issue with the upstream on the linux-hwmon 
mailing list (or read the wiki in MAINTAINTERS).  The 
driver is adm1275.

I'd suggest a binding that allows the config register to be
specified in the device tree but I am not familiar with the 
hwmon comunity or practice for similar.

Hope this helps

Speaking only for myself.

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