Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Tue Mar 31 03:25:23 AEDT 2020

at 8:37 PM, Richard Hanley <rhanley at> wrote:

> We looked into getting Envoy as a proxy for a distributed BMC network.   
> The idea was that Envoy could be used for discoverability and creating  
> long lived authenticated channels with HTTP/2.  That work got mostly  
> shelved because it was really hard to get the build system to work on  
> 32-bit arm (not to mention getting it to work with bitbake).
> I'm not too familiar with corosync.  I remember reading a bit about it  
> when Vishwa mentioned aggregating BMCs a few months ago.  It looks like  
> it should be relatively easy to build (at least compared to envoy).
> Unfortunately we never got a chance to see how much cpu usage is used  
> when Envoy is run on a Poleg.  In terms of sheer craziness, corosync  
> isn't any less crazy than what we were thinking about, and I was  
> relatively optimistic that it could work on current generation hardware.
> - Richard

Thanks for the reply Richard!


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