IPMI, SDR, SEL, FRU, YAML and dbus Questions

Anony Mous obmc.developers at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 07:26:25 AEDT 2020

To whom it may concern,

I have a few questions relating to IPMI, SDR, SEL, FRU, YAML and dbus in
OpenBMC. Please find below the list of questions. Any help is greatly

1. What is the purpose of the dbus interfaces, and how do they play in the
operation of the BMC?

2. How do we create/modify dbus interfaces and/or paths?

3. What is the relationship between IPMITool and phosphor-host-ipmid (or

4. How does IPMI, OpenIPMI, ipmitool, (etc.) interact with OpenBMC?

5. How do we implement IPMI raw commands that aren’t currently supported in
our builds (i.e. “enter sdr update mode”)?

6. What is the purpose of the ipmi-oem-whitelist?

7. What package(s) are required to be able to create SEL files (in other
words allow events to be logged to SEL files)?

8. We keep seeing a “SEL has no entries” error. Is this because we are
missing component(s) (covered in the previous question), or due to some
other cause?

9. How do we add our own SEL records to the SEL file?

10. Where are the SEL, SDR and FRU files stored? Or if this is
configurable, where is it configured, and how do change the configuration?

11. Where does the BMC read the FRU data, and how does it use it?

12. How do we create an initial FRU file (what is the format of the FRU

13. What are YAML files? What is the best way to populate a YAML file?

Thank you for your time.
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