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Garrett, Mike (HPE Server Firmware) mike.garrett at hpe.com
Wed Jun 3 06:56:07 AEST 2020

Hello OpenBMC team,

My name is Mike Garrett and I work with a team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise creating a port of OpenBMC on our server hardware.  We have just signed the CCLA (attached) and uploaded it.  We look forward to working with the OpenBMC community.

To introduce myself, I am a firmware architect in HPE's compute group with a background in BIOS and BMC firmware.  There will be a few other folks on our team working with me, all with BMC development experience.

The team has created a port of OpenBMC for our DL360 2-socket 1U rack server that runs in place of our iLO 5 firmware.  This has been shown as a proof of concept at a few venues including most recently the OCP Virtual Summit a couple of weeks ago.  Jean-Marie Verdun has used this proof of concept as the underlying hardware for an Open Source Firmware CI system.  We hope to the upstream the OpenBMC work soon.

I believe the next request is to ask for team members to be added to the gerrit system?

Here is our HPE team (at this point):

Mike Garrett - mike.garrett at hpe.com<mailto:mike.garrett at hpe.com>
Jorge Cisneros - jorge.cisneros at hpe.com<mailto:jorge.cisneros at hpe.com>
Gilbert Chen - gilbert.chen at hpe.com<mailto:gilbert.chen at hpe.com>
John Chung - john.chung at hpe.com<mailto:john.chung at hpe.com>
Edward Newman - edward.newman at hpe.com<mailto:edward.newman at hpe.com>
Renee Rodgers - renee.rodgers at hpe.com<mailto:renee.rodgers at hpe.com>
Jean-Marie Verdun - jean-marie.verdun at hpe.com<mailto:jean-marie.verdun at hpe.com>

Please let me know if there is anything else needed.


Mike Garrett

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