Query regarding using the Redfish in OpenBMC

Ed Tanous ed at tanous.net
Tue Jul 28 09:07:19 AEST 2020

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 4:13 PM Mike Jones <proclivis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some progress. On the hacked build, there were three problems:
> 1) bmcweb failed at start
> 2) Wrong port
> 3) Can’t login
> The failure was found by compiling it with logging. /var/log/redfish was
missing. Touching the file and executing bmcweb& got it up.

This was a bug.  Pull master up to at least this commit:

> Some doc said port 8080, but it is 18080.

Ideally you'd be using the bmcweb.socket file for socket activation, which
defaults to 443.  port 18080 only happens when you launch bmcweb by hand.
I’m guessing you copied the binary over by hand and didn’t do a make

> DHCP is not working, so I boot to console with hdmi and keyboard and make
a static address with ifconfig. Will deal with later.
> Login was because groups were missing. Found where that was in
meta-phosphor and added.

The login groups should be made automatically by the recipe.  If you're
using it, and they're not present, this might be worth a bug getting filed.

> Now I have the webui up.

Yee Haw!

> On the evb build, it is trying to build images that fail when checking
file size. I think this is because meta-phosphor has IMAGE_FSTYPES += with
some mtb images, and meta-rasberrypi has IMAGE_FSTYPES ?= and I assume +=
wins or mixes. I think if I add IMAGE_FSTYPES = in local.conf, it would
override it and probably work.

This might be related to rpi using ext4 images, not squashfs images.

> Waiting for a long rebuild...

Groan.... yep.  Highly recommend a ridiculously overpowered build machine
for yocto builds.
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