BIOS, Hypervisor, and OS detailed boot progress in Redfish

Deepak Kodihalli dkodihal at
Wed Jan 29 23:10:01 AEDT 2020

On 29/01/20 2:23 am, Andrew Geissler wrote:
> I think our goal should be to provide a high level summary of the boot from
> the BIOS, to the Hypervisor, to the OS.
> Something like this?
> Unknown -> MotherboardInit -> MemoryInit -> SecondaryProcInit ->
>          -> HypervisorStart -> HypervisorStandby -> OSStart -> OSRunning
> These would need PLDM commands for the host to send these down so maybe the
> PLDM specifications provides a hint on what these should be? I see this doc[4]
> has a "Boot Progress" State Set but a lot of these just don't make much sense
> to me.

[4] does have states for the flow you've described above, mostly. Also, 
the state set enums can have specific meanings once they're associated 
to a sensor (or an effecter), in fact they have to be interpreted in 
conjunction with the sensor or effecter. So for eg a state enum such as 
"boot started" can be associated with both a logical sensor monitoring 
the hypervisor boot and a logical sensor monitoring the OS boot.


> Thoughts/Ideas appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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> [2]:
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> [4]:

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