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Derick Montague Derick.Montague at
Tue Jan 14 03:42:15 AEDT 2020

Thank you for your feedback, Kathy!

> 1. What was the reasoning for making this a separate page instead of putting this on the existing local users page?

A profile page is a common pattern that users are accustomed to. The local user management is a page that admin users of the BMC are accustomed to and the admin user is the only user type with access to this page. Having different information on the local user management page based on user type seems less intuitive than providing a profile page. We will be user testing this.

> 2. If it is a separate page, I like that the page would be linked from a header icon, but it seems like there should be access from the menu somehow as well. I wonder if it could be a link on the local users page for each user. 

What problem are we solving with this proposal? I don't feel that admin should have access to a user's profile page. Any information they want to update for the user, e.g. username, password, etc should be handled on the local user management page. 

> I can imagine that if control exists to change language for a user, there could be a scenario where an admin user might want to change the language for users when they set the user up, not requiring that user to log in in English (for example) and then find this page and change the language themselves.

The login page will be displayed using the language set in the users operating system unless that language is not supported, then it would display in English. Ed's use case that that the use would want to update their language from the what they have set in their OS to English. We are contemplating having a language option on the login page to allow the user to select at login.

Even if an admin set the users language, the login page won't know who that user is until they login, so we did not consider that as a use case. We are going to be testing different options with users.

> If it is accessed from the local users page, could it just be a modal on the page rather than a separate page?

If we wanted the admin to be able to set the users language we would just add this to the available settings they could change for that user. I personally don't think it adds too much value, but it would also be simple to add to form to update the user info.





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