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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your work on this.

I can’t seem to login to Invision from this page to post comments on the page (I have a free Invision account but it doesn’t seem to give me access to this page), so I’m including them here:

1)            What was the reasoning for making this a separate page instead of putting this on the existing local users page?
2)            If it is a separate page, I like that the page would be linked from a header icon, but it seems like there should be access from the menu somehow as well. I wonder if it could be a link on the local users page for each user. I can imagine that if control exists to change language for a user, there could be a scenario where an admin user might want to change the language for users when they set the user up, not requiring that user to log in in English (for example) and then find this page and change the language themselves.
a.            If it is accessed from the local users page, could it just be a modal on the page rather than a separate page?


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Hello everyone,
Happy new year! We are thinking about introducing a profile page. The idea is here users can perform tasks like updating the password and other user related tasks. This page is accessible via a generic user icon from header. Right now we only have password reset option. Down the road we plan to have a default language selector. The design show both components for now.

The invision prototype link is

Please feel free to leave comments in the prototype. We love your feedback.

Thank you
Ryan Arnell
UX Engineer
IBM, Austin, TX.

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