Question about IPMI password MAX length test in openbmc-test-automation

Tony Lee (李文富) Tony.Lee at
Mon Jan 6 20:34:55 AEDT 2020

Hi Anusha,

I met an issue that "Verify Setting IPMI User With Invalid Password Length" will fail when
its user id is same as "Verify Setting IPMI User With Max Password Length".
This is because the password length 20 has been successfully set in "Verify Setting IPMI User With Max Password Length".
Therefore, the case of password_length = 21 and password_option = 20 is expected to fail but pass when their user id are the same.

I have two solutions:

1. Only verify the message that cannot use invalid password length to set password
and do not verify that user is able to run IPMI command with given username and password in this case.

2. At the end of each case, delete the user it just created to ensure that it will not affect other cases.

Which is better, or do you have other suggestions?

Best Regards,

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