dbus-sensor: setting the upper non-critical(unc) threshold value smaller than reading value would get 3 logs ( assert log, de-assert log and then assert log)

Max Lai/WYHQ/Wiwynn Max_Lai at wiwynn.com
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Hi James,

We had tried your fix solution (Deleting lines 117 and 118). Deleting the lines 117 and 118 would stop sending the PropertiesChanged signal and even stop updating threshold value on Dbus. The result we want is we can change threshold value on Dbus and get assert sel log when we trigger the threshold mechanism. And we also tried the latest source revision on upstream dbus-sensor repository. We found that latest source revision in IpmbSensor.cpp, struct sensor's "objectType" member which was set "xyz.openbmc_project.Configuration.ExitAirTemp" was different than our "xyz.openbmc_project.EntityManager". So this issue doesn't happen.

[cid:image001.png at 01D5EB48.36B03D30]

What's the purpose of this changing?

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Subject: Re: dbus-sensor: setting the upper non-critical(unc) threshold value smaller than reading value would get 3 logs ( assert log, de-assert log and then assert log)

Because configurations can change at runtime. For instance if you change a threshold, or you add/remove a card. This gets persisted back to entity-manager


and that will trigger an update.

I'm guessing this todo is what is needed to fix your issue:


I was wondering when I wrote this if the config can just update the threshold, and updating it locally was not needed. Deleting lines 117 and 118 might fix your issue.

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