Question for phosphor bmc code - BMC update

Eli Huang/WYHQ/Wiwynn Eli_Huang at
Mon Feb 17 21:20:19 AEDT 2020

Hi Lei Yu,
Confirm a question with you.
When we do the BMC update using phosphor-bmc-code-mgmt,
The code in the image_manager.cpp will get the version in the manifest file.
If the version is same as path on d-bus, the BMC will not update and print message "Software Object with the same version already exists".
We want to know why upstream code can't update the same version image if the BMC are valid.
(phosphor-bmc-code-mgmt commit number : a013560f96a9ee5c2db4e1778c7dcee199c3acf1)

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