sdbusplus commits missing CLA

krtaylor kurt.r.taylor at
Sat Feb 22 07:10:35 AEDT 2020

On 2/20/20 2:35 PM, Patrick Williams wrote:
> Kurt,

(Not a lawyer)

> We have a few commits for the openbmc/sdbusplus repository that have
> been floating around in Gerrit since early 2018 and seem to be stuck in
> "missing CLA limbo".  It appears that there was some discussion on the
> CLA at one point but I don't know what happened to it.  I don't see a
> CLA from the Bosch company in the Google Doc folder.

I have not received a CLA from Bosch, or an ICLA from the developer(s) 

> There was recently a request to revive this work because someone else is
> finding it useful (and we've had a feature request open for a long time
> on one of them as well).  What options do we, the maintainers, have in
> this situation?

We cannot accept/merge the code until resolved. If they cannot complete 
a ICLA/CCLA for this submission, it should be abandoned.

> I don't really want to blindly reimplement this feature since there was
> good work done here.  There appears to have been no plagiarism issues.
> Since the commits have a S-O-B by two people from the same company, it
> seems reasonable that they fully intended to contribute this work
> publicly.  I'm not looking to restart a "why do we have CLAs"

CLA's protect the company, individual and the project. We must have 
permission from the company that a developer they are employing has 
their permission to submit code to the project. If they don't care, that 
is what the ICLA is for.

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

> discussion, but it seems like we need some direction on what maintainers
> should do when there is a missing CLA.

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