sdbusplus commits missing CLA

Patrick Williams patrick at
Fri Feb 21 07:35:46 AEDT 2020


We have a few commits for the openbmc/sdbusplus repository that have
been floating around in Gerrit since early 2018 and seem to be stuck in
"missing CLA limbo".  It appears that there was some discussion on the
CLA at one point but I don't know what happened to it.  I don't see a
CLA from the Bosch company in the Google Doc folder.

There was recently a request to revive this work because someone else is
finding it useful (and we've had a feature request open for a long time
on one of them as well).  What options do we, the maintainers, have in
this situation?

I don't really want to blindly reimplement this feature since there was
good work done here.  There appears to have been no plagiarism issues.
Since the commits have a S-O-B by two people from the same company, it
seems reasonable that they fully intended to contribute this work
publicly.  I'm not looking to restart a "why do we have CLAs"
discussion, but it seems like we need some direction on what maintainers
should do when there is a missing CLA.

Patrick Williams

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