termination on hardware errors

Andrew Geissler geissonator at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 03:24:49 AEDT 2020

We have a requirement from our manufacturing team that they be able to configure
the BMC to fail the boot of a system if any error log is generated that calls
out a piece of hardware. The idea being that if the firmware finds any issue
with the hardware, manufacturing wants the system to halt and provide a clear
indication of what that failure is so they can fix it prior to shipping the

High level this will probably be a phosphor-settings field that phosphor-logging
code would query when it gets an error log that has a inventory path in it.
I'd like an external state to indicate when this event occurs. Maybe a new
BMC state like Quiesce? (Quiesce is used by host when it is in fail state
and has an easy mapping to the corresponding Redfish Quiesce)

This is just a feeler email to see if anyone else has an interest in this type
of function or if they have other ideas on how to fulfill this requirement.


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