XDMA engine for AST2400

Ryan Chen ryan_chen at aspeedtech.com
Fri Aug 28 12:52:53 AEST 2020

	AST2400 support xDMA, the different will be command format. It need to modify for AST2400.

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Subject: XDMA engine for AST2400


I am learning Openbmc with a AST2400 BMC. I am learning XDMA engine. I saw there is a driver in the linux kernel(/drivers/soc/aspeed/aspeed-xdma.c) for XDMA engine. But this driver's "of_match_table" only support AST2500 and AST2600.
Does AST2400 not support XDMA engine? But in the datasheet, the AST2400 has a XDMA engine as with AST2500.
Can some one help me? Thanks!

Best Regards!
Liu Hongwei

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