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Hello Neil,

On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 01:35:12AM +0000, Neil Bradley wrote:
> Thanks Vijay! Take a look at the attached picture. It occurs to me that the RJ-45 jack on the left side with the purple cable plugged in may not actually be a network connector (we got these machines last Thursday and are just getting acquainted with them), so please forgive my ignorance in case this isn’t what it’s supposed to be. 😉 The working ethernet port is the leftmost SFP+ connector on the mezzanine card (below the sticker), and the rightmost SFP+ connector doesn’t provide a leach. My assumption, which may be incorrect, is the leftmost ethernet jack is RGMII2 and the NICs on the mezzanine is RGMII1 (at least according to the schematic which shows it as an OCP connection).


10.4.2 Management Network
The motherboard has three options of management network interfaces for the BMC
connection. The management network shares the data network’s physical interface. The
management connection should be independent from data traffic and OS/driver
 SFP+ shared-NIC from Mezzanine 10G NIC or PCIe NIC, driven by BMC through
RMII/NC-SI or I2C. I2C being default
 SGMII/KX shared-NIC connected to midplane interface from Intel® I210-AS, driven by
 10/100/1000 MDI shared-NIC connected to RJ45 from Intel® I210-AT(co-layout with
Intel® I210-AS), driven by BMC through RMII/NCSI 


So it seems like that is another RMII/NCSI attached network interface.
We always use the "SPF+ shared-NIC (10G)" though in our lab.  I don't
know that we've ever attempted to get the Intel chip working.  There is
probably some device tree content, at least, missing for enabling that.

Patrick Williams
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