How to use Virtual Media to mount folders to host?

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Fri Aug 21 17:42:27 AEST 2020

Hi Pawel,
Hi Przemyslaw,

About the Virtual Media feature, I want to use the VirtualMedia feature to mount a folder or file. 
Although ISO files and CDROM devices can be mounted to the host through NBD, 
folders and files other than ISO cannot be mounted on the host.

How to mount a file or folder to a host using the virtual media feature?
Can you give me a configuration method to deal with this problem?

I'm reading Document, ask for help for several questions:

1. Has the community updated and supported virtual media mounting of folders and files?
 If so, what do I need to do? How to update which modules to support?

2. If I want to mount folders and files, do I need to use CIFS / NFS? How to do this

3. In the document, I see the following DBUS interfaces, but my environment does not support these interfaces. 
Are they necessary for folder mounting? Which module needs to be updated to get these DBUS interfaces?
 At the same time, what services are needed to support it?
/xyz/openbmc_ project/VirtualMedia/Proxy/ISO0
/xyz/openbmc_ project/VirtualMedia/Proxy/1
/xyz/openbmc_ project/VirtualMedia/Legacy/0
/xyz/openbmc_ project/VirtualMedia/Legacy/1

My current adaptation situation is as follows:

1. The ISO or device can be mounted to the host through NBD,
That is: nbd-server is on the server side, BMC executes nbd-client through DBUS interface to load into / dev / nbdx,
 and the virtual device can be seen on the host side.

2. However, folders and files other than ISO and image cannot be mounted to the host computer.
I tried NFS and CIFS. Now I just execute client on BMC side to see the folder and file. 
But how to make the folder visible on the host side is making me scratch my head :-(
(How do files and folders mount like NBD devices?)

Look forword to your reply.

Best regards,
Xiaohong Zhang

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