GUI Design Workgroup - BMCWeb login change

Joseph Reynolds jrey at
Fri Aug 21 01:57:34 AEST 2020

On 8/19/20 6:06 PM, Ed Tanous wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 3:43 PM Joseph Reynolds <jrey at> wrote:
>> What is the best way to resolve the issues?  Email?  Video conference?
>> IRC chat?  Or continue with the gerrit review?
> Gerrit or the mailing list, that way it's documented for the next time
> it gets brought up, and we can point to the discussion later.
 > From Derick:

> That is a great question for the community. We are trying to find a way to
> accommodate this WITHOUT having to manage the login page in BMC Web. Maybe
> we can gather a list of people that are interested and set up a Webex 
> discussion. We should probably post the question in IRC also to make the 
> request a bit broader than email.

It seems to me the review [1] has stalled and is not making progress and it feels like resolving the issue will be a difficult discussion.  And it is often easier to have those discussions face-to-face (or at least audio) which convey more information faster.  So I think I am advocating for a video conference.  And then post the minutes of that conference to the email list [2].

- Joseph

[2]: Oops, I think I just volunteered for that role.

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