Kernel updated to Linux v5.8

Joel Stanley joel at
Tue Aug 18 15:53:26 AEST 2020

On Tue, 18 Aug 2020 at 05:43, Joel Stanley <joel at> wrote:
> The openbmc kernel has moved to a 5.8 based tree for Aspeed machines.

in order to track regressions with the upstream kernel, I am using
Travis CI to do daily builds of the branches we care about:

This will build the dev-5.8, dev-5.4, linux-next and mainline kernel
tree for ast2400, ast2500/ast2600, and multiplatform configurations
for armv5 and armv7. It then boots those kernels on qemu, emulating
palmetto (ast2400), romulus (ast2500) and the ast2600 evb.

A future enhancement would be to put test code in the filesystem to
test for cases more complex than build or boot failures.

None of this uses openbmc userspace at this stage. If someone were to
submit a pull request I would happily review it.



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