Kernel updated to Linux v5.8

Joel Stanley joel at
Tue Aug 18 15:43:00 AEST 2020

The openbmc kernel has moved to a 5.8 based tree for Aspeed machines.

    linux-aspeed: Move to Linux 5.8

    This updates the OpenBMC kernel tree to a 5.8 base. It has been two
    weeks since the kernel was last updated, making it the quickest bump in
    OpenBMC history.

    There are 93 out of tree kernel patches carried in the OpenBMC tree.

    The defconfigs were updated to fix selection of video device. An
    upstream reorganisation of the V4L kconfig resulted in a large number of
    extra drivers enabled when all we required was VIDEO_ASPEED.

Nuvoton is lagging as no one has merged the commit to bump to 5.7, so
I have not made one for moving to 5.8.

Please base future patches on the dev-5.8 tree.



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