Generate Crashdump log via Redfish

Venkata Chandrappa Venkata_Chandrappa at
Fri Aug 14 17:43:40 AEST 2020

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for guidance on generating a crashdump log via the Redfish interface. There are two actions available to the user to generate the dump - OnDemand and SendRawPeci. But I'm not aware of the payload data I need to be sending along with the request to generate the dump in either of the cases. Could you please share the payload that I need to attach to the request.

      "#Crashdump.OnDemand": {
        "target": "/redfish/v1/Systems/system/LogServices/Crashdump/Actions/Oem/Crashdump.OnDemand"
      "#Crashdump.SendRawPeci": {
        "target": "/redfish/v1/Systems/system/LogServices/Crashdump/Actions/Oem/Crashdump.SendRawPeci"

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