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Hi Derick,
Our team have confirmed that the Openbmc backend has supported IPV6 on version v28, I am going to implement the ipv6 configuration in webui (with angularJS),would you please tell me the  UX prototype design of webui for IPV6 is ok? I have signed the  Cooperation and  Contribution License Agreement.
BTW:How to proposal my code to webui project ,would you like to tell me detail?

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Hi Ruxia, 

> Sorry for late reply. I had read  ,  I saw the calling of redfish  in api-ulti.js . I wonder if the ipv6 has been done in this BMC system.  Would you like to tell me the ipv6 support schedule of  bmc OS? 

Jandra is no longer working on this project and the IBM design team is working on a new version of the GUI written in Vue.js. We are just starting to talk about IPv6 again and I do think it may be ready. I see that Ratan is on this mail thread and he should be able to specify for sure if the backend supporting IPv6 is ready. 



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