External Sensors - phosphor-pid-control

Patrick Venture venture at google.com
Sat Aug 8 06:09:45 AEST 2020


As you know, the json configuration of phosphor-pid-control supports
"external sensors" which are sensors that phosphor-pid-control creates
itself and publishes to dbus, expecting IPMI (or other) to set the
value.  This is used for cases where the host can read sensors or
information that the BMC cannot, and basically give it some missing

>From the query phosphor-pid-control does in dbusconfiguration, I don't
see a way for it to find these sensors that it must create.  i was
thinking, something in the profile that entity-manager publishes could
tell it this.  But, since it doesn't show up in the sensor query, I
think it'll be something more.



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