Current situation about IPv6

Spencer Ku (古世瑜) Spencer.Ku at
Fri Aug 7 18:21:11 AEST 2020

Hi Teams,
I am interesting about what is the current situation about IPv6.
Now I am trying to use ipmi command to get/set IPv6 settings, but I cannot get current result.
For example, ipmi command will response empty IPv6 address to me even if my environment is already having IPv6 address.

After that, I find a mail which is discussing about the IPv6 setting. And here is part of description from mail:

Ø  Currently phosphor-networkd doesn't support SLAAC(DHCPV6, Router advertised address)

Does it mean that I need to set a special network environment without SLAAC and that can let IPv6 ipmi command work normally?

Thank you.

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