dbus-sensors:hwmontemp: additional attribute proposal

James Feist james.feist at linux.intel.com
Sat Aug 8 02:24:29 AEST 2020

On 8/6/2020 3:52 PM, Jason Ling wrote:
> Assuming that you mean "Omit Name attribute from the sensor 
> configuration definition and then change hwmontemp to require any Name.*"
> This won't work since Entity-Manager requires Name (tried it, 
> entity-manager does indeed complain about not finding name).
> My rationale for an omit list vs permit list
> (1) if it's a permit list then everytime you add another temp you want 
> to monitor you need to add to this list..if you want to drop a temp then 
> you have to modify the list again.
> (2) General assumption is that the primary use case is to display all 
> named temperatures which means a permit list is typically large
> (3) adding a permit list also breaks all existing code. Everyone has to 
> go back into their json config and add all the sensor values to the list.
> My rationale for using the value for the "Name" attribute rather than 
> labels or referencing sysfs attributes
> (1) Looking at just the config , it's obvious as to what you're omitting.
> (2) If it's label base, a label change in a driver would mean a breakage 
> in the userspace daemon. Not a big deal; but it can be annoying.
> (3) if it's sysfs attribute based then it's my opinion that it's not as 
> readable.

I'm not a huge fan of this as the PSU sensor already has a way of 
handling this, and it adds a new way of handling it. I'd rather follow 
what is already there. It's already confusing enough that hwmontemp and 
psu do things in slightly different ways.


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