Why does OpenBMC use Avahi mDNS instead of SSDP?

Joseph Reynolds jrey at linux.ibm.com
Wed Apr 8 00:58:15 AEST 2020

Redfish specifies SSDP [1] [2] as the standard discovery service but 
OpenBMC uses the Avahi mDNS discovery service [3].  I asked Redfish to 
add mDNS to the spec [4] but they don't want to, and pointed to their spec.

I want to allow the BMC admin to enable and disable the mDNS discovery 
service.  How can this be done?  Options:
1. Implement ManagerNetworkProtocol.Oem.OpenBMC.mDNS.
2. Move OpenBMC to SSDP and away from mDNS.
3. Re-ask Redfish to add a ManagerNetworkProtocol.mDNS protocol.

What is best for the project?

- Joseph

[1]: Redfish spec DSP0266 version 1.9.0 section 5.6.4 "Service Discovery".
[2]: Redfish ManagerNetworkProtocol.SSDP version 1.4.2
[3]: https://redfishforum.com/thread/267/add-avahi-managernetworkprotocol

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