OpenBMC feature docs (was: Multi-node support)

Joseph Reynolds jrey at
Wed Jul 24 05:35:05 AEST 2019


OpenBMC features are given in the main [README][] and [docs repo][].  If 
you have additions, changes, or more information about any features, 
including ideas for new features, please add them, or send an email and 
I can try to add them.

And as far as I can tell, the feature roadmap is given by:
1. Email to the list (like your email).
2. Discuss release content at a [release planning][] meeting.

[docs repo]:
[release planning]:

On 7/21/19 11:56 PM, Thaj wrote:
> Hi,
> Does OpenBMC support Multi-node server configuration ?
> Where can I get the roadmap of features in OpenBMC ?
> Regards,
> Thaj

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