Obtaining fan/temperature sensor status for Redfish

Alexander Amelkin a.amelkin at yadro.com
Wed Jul 17 18:30:33 AEST 2019

26.04.2019 1:08, Shawn McCarney wrote:
> Hi,
> The Redfish Thermal URI (/redfish/v1/Chassis/{ChassisId}/Thermal) returns all the fan and temperature sensors within a chassis.
> Each returned fan/temperature sensor contains a Status object with the following properties:
> * Health: Health state of the resource (OK, Warning, Critical)
> * State: State of the resource (Absent, Disabled, Enabled, etc.)
> Currently bmcweb always returns a Health value of "OK" and a State value of"Enabled".
> I would like to enhance bmcweb to return more accurate values in the Status object when possible.  Below I have summarized a proposed design.  Does this sound acceptable?
> == Proposed Design ==
> * Initially assume Redfish Status->Health value of "OK" and Status->State value of "Enabled" as it does today.
> * Use ObjectMapper associations to find the DBus inventory object path that is related to the DBus sensor (if available).
> * Get Functional property of xyz.openbmc_project.State.Decorator.OperationalStatus interface for inventory object path (if available).
> * Set Redfish Status->Health to "Critical" if DBus Functional property is false.

My understanding was that 'Functional' property is for deactivation/activation of components in context of both health checking and hotplugging.

That is, I had an impression that it's the property that can be set by either the operator or the system software, so it's not necessarily a health status.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but to me it's more like it should map to State Enabled/Disabled without any reason implications. I think that health status must come from another source than the dbus 'Functional' property.

The rest sounds fine to me.

With best regards,
Alexander Amelkin,
Leading BMC Software Engineer, YADRO

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