Moving kernel to Linux 5.2

Tao Ren taoren at
Sat Jul 13 10:51:31 AEST 2019

On 7/10/19 2:46 AM, Joel Stanley wrote:
> It's that time again. I've pushed a dev-5.2 branch to openbmc/linux
> that contains the patches from dev-5.1 rebased on top of v5.2.
> The bump is in this commit:
> Note that there's a systemd-network bug exposed by this change so you
> will need this commit to do any testing (or work around the issue by
> manually bringing up the device):
> Please test, +1 and report your results.

+1. Booted up linux-5.2 on Facebook CMM AST2500 BMC and everything looks normal.

BTW, I met 2 bitbake failures while baking linux-aspeed-5.2. Below are my workarounds, just in case others hit the similar problem:

1) scripts/mkmakefile fails with "realpath: command not found"

I'm suspecting it's caused by $PATH environment variable used by my "bitbake" because "realpath" is installed on my machine.
My workaround is replacing realpath with /bin/realpath in scripts/mkmakefile.

2) "bitbake" reports QA Issue: modules.builtin.modinfo installed but not shipped.

It's because I'm still using old version yocto (rocko). I manually applied below patch to workaround the issue:



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