Moving kernel to Linux 5.2

Joel Stanley joel at
Wed Jul 10 19:46:04 AEST 2019

It's that time again. I've pushed a dev-5.2 branch to openbmc/linux
that contains the patches from dev-5.1 rebased on top of v5.2.

The bump is in this commit:

Note that there's a systemd-network bug exposed by this change so you
will need this commit to do any testing (or work around the issue by
manually bringing up the device):

Please test, +1 and report your results.

Where possible I've cherry picked the patches that will land in 5.3.
This includes the device tree patches, dps310, aspeed-video, and fsi

We have 100 out of tree patches at this point in time. Of these, 58
are staged in 5.3, leaving 42 out of tree patches. The out of tree
patches include:

 - aspeed spi-nor
 - npcm clk, bpc, mailbox, ethernet, flash
 - npcm device trees
 - peci framework, associated various drivers
 - misc other patches

If you have code in the tree then please keep working on getting it upstream.



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