psu code mgmt

Patrick Venture venture at
Thu Aug 22 08:47:28 AEST 2019

Lei Yu;

I wanted to ask about the psu-code-mgmt, will it be exposing dbus
interfaces similarly to bmc-code-mgmt (I think I see that it is).  I
wanted to confirm that we could write a simple handler or type for
talking to psu-code-mgmt from phosphor-ipmi-flash.  Today I wrote a
guide on how to do part of that --

We'd add something like:

    "blob": "/flash/psu",
    "handler": { "type": "file", "path": "/tmp/psu-firmware" },
    "actions": {
        "preparation": {
            "type": "systemd",
            "unit": ""
        "verification": { "type": "psuSystemdVerification" },
        "update": { "type": "psuSystemdActivation" }

So then if we implement a psuSystemdVerification and
psuSystemdActivation, those can all the things you expect and stage
the file where you expect, etc.


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