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 > Thoughts?
I had the same idea from reading through the presentations recently
linked to on this mailing list.

OpenBMC lists its features on its front page
( README) and suggests there is more
information in However, the
information is not structured as well as it could be for someone to
learn about each feature. I propose to list each feature along with
the following information (as applicable):
 - reference an external website or standard
 - categorize: host-facing, management network facing, application
 - explain terminology (give synonyms)
 - explain 1 or 2 use cases
 - link to the docs (which should explain customizations)
 - link to the source code repo

I would start with the features listed in openbmc/README, and add
features (or interfaces?) from James's presentation:
 - Host interfaces: KCS, BT, mbox, IPMB, USB, VGA
 - Network Interfaces: Redfish, https, ssh, rmcp+
 - Applications: EWS, KVM, IPMI, FSC, SEL, SOL, Chassis Control, ASD,
Firmware Update, Configuration Manager, Sensor Monitor

So, the proposal is to group repos by feature and interface.

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