OpenBMC Hackathon @ OpenPower Summit

William Carter bill at
Wed Sep 19 09:29:11 AEST 2018

The OCP summit presentations are all recorded and available on youtube.  May be able to link to those.  

Engineering Workshop: OpenBMC

OpenBMC Hardware Platform Development Guideline, Robert Feng - video <>, slides <>
Google's Work on OpenBMC, Nancy Yuen - video <>, slides <>
OpenBMC on Project Olympus, Ali Larijani - video <>, slides <>
Facebook OpenBMC Updates, Sai Dasari; Christopher Covington - video <>, slides <>
OpenBMC End User Features and Function, Andrew Geissler - video <>, slides <>
State of OpenBMC Development, Brad Bishop - video <>, slides <>
Intel’s Journey with OpenBMC, James Mihm - video <>, slides <>


> On Sep 19, 2018, at 5:23 AM, Sai Dasari <sdasari at> wrote:
> >>- Can some the presentations or sessions be written up and added to the openbmc/docs repo?  It is sometimes hard to find presentations after they are done.  It is also much easier to keep details up to date when they are in a plain text format (compared to powerpoint).
> Great idea! Most of the presentations we do are in powerpoint (or converted to pdf for distribution). Is there a standard practice on how to share these in openbmc/docs repo? i.e open a gerrit request for review and add? We have few presentations from last OCP summit (March’18) and another one upcoming OCP summit in Oct’18. 
> >>- As a thought experiment, how much of your presentations can you give by simply referring to existing OpenBMC documentation, such as is in the repos under <>  If you need to explain more, can that information be added to the OpenBMC docs?
> Some of the presentation material is essential background/context on BMC’s use cases. Besides that the content should reflect the openbmc community work i.e. existing design/implementation,  describing workgroup, features planned for next release, features pending etc.

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